Occupational safety, consulte 13.100
ICS Ámbito
13.340.01 Protective equipment in general
13.340.10 Protective clothing
Including flameproof clothing
13.340.20 Head protective equipment
Including helmets, eye-protectors, hearing protectors, ear muffs, teeth protectors and hoods.
13.340.30 Respiratory protective devices
13.340.40 Hand and arm protection
Including protective gloves, sleeves and mits
Medical gloves, consulte 11.140
13.340.50 Leg and foot protection
Including safety boots and shoes
13.340.60 Protection against falling and slipping
Including safety ropes, harnesses and fall arrestors
Mountaineering equipment, consulte 97.220.40
13.340.70 Lifejackets, buoyancy aids and flotation devices
13.340.99 Other protective equipment