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The Institute for Standardization of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a governmental organization.

It was founded by the Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2004 pursuant to the Decision on the Foundation of BAS as the national standards body for Bosnia and Herzegovina in order to represent the interests of Bosnia and Herzegovina national standardization in the international and European standards organizations.

ISBIH performs the following tasks:

  • Preparing, adopting, issuing and maintaining Bosnia and Herzegovina national standards and other documents of the Bosnia and Herzegovina national standardization system;
  • Keeping a register of Bosnia and Herzegovina national standards;
  • Collecting, filing and providing standards and other standardization documents;
  • Providing information concerning standardization;
  • Maintaining databases on standards and other standardization documents and providing information from the databases;
  • Publishing a quarterly publication "Glasnik" which includes information on adopted and withdrawn Bosnia and Herzegovina national standards, standardization documents and related activities;
  • Promoting the application of national standards, processes or services through the use of Bosnia and Herzegovina standards (BAS standards);
  • Conducting training in the area of standardization and organizing workshops and seminars.

Institute for Standardization of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Trg Ilidžanske brigade 2B
71123 Istocno Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tel.: +387 57 31 05 60
Fax: +387 57 31 05 75
Correo electrónico:

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