ISO 55001:2014
Asset management — Management systems — Requirements
Reference number
ISO 55001:2014
Edición 1
ISO 55001:2014
Retirada (Edición 1, 2014)

What is ISO 55001?

ISO 55001 is a critical part of the ISO 55000 family of standards, focusing specifically on the requirements for a robust asset management system. This standard details the criteria necessary for establishing, implementing, maintaining, and improving an asset management system. It builds upon the principles outlined in ISO 55000 by providing specific requirements that organizations need to meet to achieve their asset management objectives effectively and efficiently.

Why is ISO 55001 important?

ISO 55001 is vital because it provides a clear structure for organizations to manage their assets systematically and sustainably. Effective asset management as prescribed by ISO 55001 helps organizations control the lifecycle of assets, ensuring that the performance, risk, and expenditure related to assets are balanced to meet organizational goals. This standard is crucial for organizations looking to maximize value through their asset management processes while minimizing operational risks and costs, thereby enhancing overall organizational performance and stakeholder satisfaction.


  • Optimized asset lifecycle: Aligns organizational objectives with the asset management system to maximize asset efficiency and value
  • Enhanced financial performance: Manages asset-related costs and risks to improve profitability and efficiency
  • Sustainability: Promotes responsible resource utilization and sustainable asset management practices
  • Reputation and reliability: Demonstrates effective risk management and reliability to stakeholders through certified practices.



ISO 55001 is suitable for any organization that relies on assets to achieve business objectives. This includes entities in sectors such as manufacturing, utilities, transportation, and public service, among others.

While ISO 55000 provides the overview and terminology for asset management, ISO 55001 specifies the exact requirements for an asset management system that aligns with the principles described in ISO 55000. ISO 55002 then offers guidance on the application of the system requirements set out in ISO 55001.

Key elements include the establishment of an asset management policy, the setting of asset management objectives, the design and implementation of a management system, and the continuous improvement of asset management practices based on periodic reviews.

While ISO 55001 can stand alone as a guideline for setting up an asset management system, it is most effective when used in conjunction with ISO 55000 for understanding the principles and terminology, and ISO 55002 for practical guidance on implementing the requirements.

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