ISO/IEC 23001-11:2015
Information technology — MPEG systems technologies — Part 11: Energy-efficient media consumption (green metadata)
Reference number
ISO/IEC 23001-11:2015
Edición 1
ISO/IEC 23001-11:2015
Retirada (Edición 1, 2015)


ISO/IEC 23001-11:2015 specifies metadata for energy-efficient decoding, encoding, presentation, and selection of media.

The metadata for energy-efficient decoding specifies two sets of information: Complexity Metrics (CM) metadata and Decoding Operation Reduction Request (DOR-Req) metadata. A decoder uses CM metadata to vary operating frequency and thus reduce decoder power consumption. In a point-to-point video conferencing application, the remote encoder uses the DOR-Req metadata to modify the decoding complexity of the bitstream and thus reduce local decoder power consumption.

The metadata for energy-efficient encoding specifies a quality metric that is used by a decoder to reduce the quality loss from low-power encoding.

The metadata for energy-efficient presentation specifies RGB-component statistics and quality levels. A presentation subsystem uses this metadata to reduce power by adjusting display parameters, based on the statistics, to provide a desired quality level from those provided in the metadata.

The metadata for energy-efficient media selection specifies Decoder Operation Reduction Ratios (DOR-Ratios), RGB-component statistics and quality levels. The client in an adaptive streaming session uses this metadata to determine decoder and display power-saving characteristics of available video Representations and to select the Representation with the optimal quality for a given power-saving.

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  •  : Retirada
     : 2015-07
    : Retirada de la Norma Internacional [95.99]
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  • ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29
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