ISO/IEC/IEEE 8802-1AR:2014
ISO/IEC/IEEE 8802-1AR:2014

État actuel : Annulée

Cette norme a été révisée par ISO/IEC/IEEE 8802-1AR:2020


A secure device identifier (DevID) is a cryptographic identity bound to a device used for assertion of the device's identity. ISO/IEC/IEEE 8802-1AR:2014 specifies

  • globally unique per-device identifiers and the management and cryptographic binding of a device to its identifiers,
  • the relationship between an initially installed identity and subsequent locally significant identities, and
  • interfaces and methods for use of DevIDs with existing and new provisioning and authentication protocols.

Informations générales

  •  : Annulée
     : 2014-02
    : Annulation de la Norme internationale [95.99]
  •  : 1
  • ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 6
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