FDIS Norme internationale
IEC/FDIS 63339
Modèle de référence unifié pour la fabrication intelligente
Numéro de référence
IEC/FDIS 63339
Edition 1
Norme internationale
IEC/FDIS 63339
Indisponible en français
Projet au stade approbation.


This document specifies the unified reference model for smart manufacturing (URMSM) using a terminology and structure, and establishes criteria for creating reference models, as specializations, that support smart manufacturing. The terminology and structure comprise a set of common modelling elements, their associations, and conformance criteria. These common modelling elements address aspects and perspectives of products and production and their lifecycle considerations.

The URMSM enables an approach for creating multiple models based upon a reference model that is sufficient for understanding significant relationships among entities involved in smart manufacturing (SM) and for the development of standards and other specifications.

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