Norme internationale
ISO/TS 16943:2023
Tubes en matières thermoplastiques pour le transport des fluides — Contrôle des assemblages par emboîtures électrosoudables en polyéthylène au moyen de la technique par ultrasons multi-éléments
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ISO/TS 16943:2023
Edition 2
Norme internationale
ISO/TS 16943:2023
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Publiée (Edition 2, 2023)

ISO/TS 16943:2023

ISO/TS 16943:2023
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This document describes phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT) of polyethylene electrofusion (EF) socket joints used for the conveyance of fluids.

This document provides a test whereby the presence of imperfections such as voids, wire dislocation, misalignment, pipe under-penetration, particulate contamination and lack of fusion in electrofusion socket joints can be detected.

The technique is only applicable to polyethylene electrofusion socket fittings without a barrier to ultrasonic waves.

This document also provides requirements for procedure qualification and guidance for personnel qualifications, which are essential for the application of this test technique.

This document covers the test equipment, the preparation and performance of the test, the assessment of indications and the reporting for polyethylene EF joints.

Acceptance criteria are not covered in this document.

NOTE 1        At the time of publication, experience only exists in the use of PAUT for polyethylene (PE80 and PE100) electrofusion socket joint sizes between 90 mm and 710 mm (SDR 11 and 17).[1][2][3][4][5][6][7]

NOTE 2        Interlaboratory testing has shown that PAUT is a viable method for enhancing the integrity assessment of electrofusion joints.[8][15][16]

NOTE 3        This document does not apply to the detection of unscraped pipe. Such detection can be achieved by simple visual testing, provided mechanical scraping tools are employed.

NOTE 4        PAUT techniques for cold fusion detection are known to be available. However further research verification and experience are needed to transfer the technique into an ISO International Standard. This document does not provide any information regarding the detection of cold fusions.

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     : 2023-11
    : Norme internationale publiée [60.60]
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  • ISO/TC 138/SC 5
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