IEC/AWI 81346-50
Systèmes industriels, installations et appareils, et produits industriels — Principes de structuration et désignations de référence — Partie 50: NA
Numéro de référence
IEC/AWI 81346-50
Edition 1
Projet de travail
IEC/AWI 81346-50
Un groupe de travail a préparé un projet.


This part of 81346 International Standard, published jointly by IEC and ISO, provides, in combination with IEC 81346-1 and IEC 81346-2, rules and recommendations on the structuring of processes and basic activities. It provides the tools to handle the information on processes in the area of technical products and equipment. It also provides classification of basic activities to enable a model of standardized operational procedures in all technical areas. The structuring principles and the classes of processes and activities are intended to provide a clear identification and reference of activities, and for use in their labelling in IT-systems, for their designation in technical documents and for the designation of the technical documents as well. The main purpose is referencing with unambiguous reference designations. This document encompasses the definition and classification of processes and basic activities in domains of engineering, including electrotechnical design, production and maintenance. The specifications in this document apply for all stages in a lifecycle from design over production to demolition. This document utilises the object occurrence mechanism defined in IEC 81346-1 and is intended for defining occurrences of a process, regardless of how the process is realized in the real world. NOTE Thereby this document enables an important and missing element in the making of RDS 81346 reference models. Like the other parts of the 81346 standard series, this document utilizes hierarchical relations (generic and partitive) and associative relations to define a reference model for processes. In addition, the sequential relation kinds are included and defined, as the sequence is a key characteristic of a process (ref. ISO 704).

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