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Standardization activities began in Albania in 1950 under the Bureau of Standards, which was the National Standards Body.

According to Law no. 9870 on Standardization of 4 February 2008, the General Directorate of Standardization (DPS) is the recognized National Standards Body of Albania, in charge of organizing all standardization activities at the national level.

DPS is a legal entity of public law depending on the Minister responsible for the economy, with offices in Tirana. It represents the Republic of Albania before European and international standards organizations.

DPS is responsible for the development, adoption, approval, and publication of standards in all fields except that of telecommunications.

DPS is managed by the General Director, who is appointed and dismissed by the Minister responsible for the economy, and by the Board with representatives from all interested parties.

All standards published by DPS have voluntary status.

DPS is the WTO/TBT National Notification Authority and Enquiry Point for technical standards, for regulations and for conformity assessment procedures which have an impact on trade.

DPS is a correspondent member of ISO, an associate member of the IEC and an affiliate member of CEN & CENELEC.

DPS has been the first public institution in Albania to be certified to ISO 9001.

General Directorate of Standardization

'Reshit Collaku, Godina ILDKPKI, Kati 6',
P.O. Box/ Kutia Postare 98
AL-1001 Tirana

Tel: +355 4 222 62 55 / +355 4 24 71 76
Fax: +355 4 224 71 77

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