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The International Institute of Welding was founded in 1948 by the welding institutes or societies in 13 countries, who felt the need to make possible more rapid scientific and technical progress.

The technical field of the IIW encompasses the joining, cutting and surface treatment of metallic and non-metallic materials by such processes as welding, brazing, soldering, thermal cutting, thermal spraying, adhesive bonding, microjoining and embraces allied fields including quality assurance, non-destructive testing, standardization, inspection, health and safety, education, training, qualification, design and fabrication.

The IIW's objectives are :

  • To organize the exchange of scientific and technical information and provide for the transfer of knowledge related to these techniques;
  • To prepare recommendations, state-of-the-art reports and guidelines related to the technical field;
  • To promote by all appropriate means the organization of national welding institutes or associations in countries where these do not exist;
  • To organize annual assemblies, international conferences and regional congresses;
  • To define guidelines for the education, training, qualification and certification of personnel involved in welding and rules for their application;
  • To prepare and assist in the formulation of international standards in collaboration with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
  • To promote and encourage the development of a sustainable environment within welding activities.

For the development of some standards in the field of welding, ISO collaborates with the International Institute of Welding, which has been approved by the ISO Council as an international standardizing body in this field of technology.

ISO standards in the field of welding are developed and maintained under the responsibility of ISO/TC 44 Welding and allied processes.

Further information about the IIW can be found on the IIW Web site.

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Комитет по рабочим связям с IIW

Комитет, указанный ниже, имеет доступ к следующим документам IIW:

Ссылка Заголовок ИСО/МЭК
ISO/TC 44 Welding and allied processes ISO
ISO/TC 44/SC 3 Welding consumables ISO
ISO/TC 44/SC 5 Testing and inspection of welds ISO
ISO/TC 44/SC 6 Resistance welding and allied mechanical joining ISO
ISO/TC 44/SC 7 Representation and terms ISO
ISO/TC 44/SC 8 Equipment for gas welding, cutting and allied processes ISO
ISO/TC 44/SC 9 Health and safety ISO
ISO/TC 44/SC 10 Quality management in the field of welding ISO
ISO/TC 44/SC 11 Qualification requirements for welding and allied processes personnel ISO
ISO/TC 44/SC 12 Soldering materials ISO
ISO/TC 135/SC 3 Ultrasonic testing ISO


Комитеты по рабочим связям IIW

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Ссылка Заголовок ИСО/МЭК
ISO/TC 135/SC 3 Ultrasonic testing ISO
ISO/TC 135/SC 7 Personnel qualification ISO

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