ICS Поле
25.020 Manufacturing forming processes
25.030 Additive manufacturing
25.040 Industrial automation systems
IT applications in industry, смотри 35.240.50
25.060 Machine tool systems
25.080 Machine tools
Woodworking machines, смотри 79.120.10
25.100 Cutting tools
Including industrial diamonds
Woodworking tools, смотри 79.120.20
25.120 Chipless working equipment
25.140 Hand-held tools
Tools for working with voltages, смотри 13.260
25.160 Welding, brazing and soldering
Including gas welding, electric welding, plasma welding, electron beam welding, plasma cutting, etc.
25.180 Industrial furnaces
25.200 Heat treatment
25.220 Surface treatment and coating
Including processes and equipment for surface treatment and coating
Heat treatment, смотри 25.200
Surface treatment and coating in aerospace industry, смотри 49.040
Corrosion of metals, смотри 77.060
Paint coating, смотри 87.020