Членство: Корреспондентский орган
The National Institute for Standards and Metrology "Kyrgyzst" is the national body for standardization and measurement assurance.

Main areas of activities :
- development and realization of strategy in the field of standardization;
- adoption of programmes on the development of national standards;
- approval of the national standards;
- establishment of the procedures and rules of work in the field of standardization in accordance with WTO TBT;
- organization and coordination of national TC's work;
- development, keeping and perfection of national standards of units, reproduction of basic and derivative dimensions of units of SI system;
- rendering of metrological services (calibration, verification, certification of test and diagnostic equipment, etc.);
- legislative metrology;
- certification of products, services;
- reference and information services (Enquiry Point WTO TBT);
- consulting on issues in the fields of standardization, metrology, QMS.

Center for Standardization and Metrology

under the Ministry of Economic Regulation of the Kyrgyz Republic
197, Panfilov street
720040 Bishkek

Тел.: +996 312 623790
Факс: +996 312 661367
E-mail: nism@nism.gov.kg

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