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The Slovenian Institute for Standardization (SIST) is a "sui generis" public institute established under public law with an Assembly consisting of its members and founder's representatives. It was founded by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia in August 2000 with the Decision on the Foundation of SIST. The Standardization Act of 1999 appointed SIST as a national standards body represents the interests of Slovenian national standardization in the international and European standards organizations.
SIST performs the following tasks:

  • Preparing, adopting, issuing and maintaining Slovenian national standards and other documents of the Slovenian national standardization system,
  • Keeping a register of Slovenian national standards,
  • Collecting, filing and providing standards and other standardization documents,
  • Providing information concerning standardization,
  • Maintaining databases on standards and other standardization documents and provide information from the databases,
  • Publishing a monthly publication "Messages" which includes information on adopted and withdrawn Slovenian national standards, standardization documents and related activities,
  • Promoting the application of Slovenian national standards, certifying the conformity of products, processes or services with the Slovenian - SIST standards,
  • Conducting training in the area of standardization and organizing workshops and seminars,
  • Performing other assignments in accordance with the regulations and international treaties concluded by and binding on the Republic of Slovenia.

Slovenian Institute for Standardization

Ulica gledališča BTC 2
SI-1000 Ljubljana

Тел.: +386 1 478 30 13
Факс: +386 1 478 30 94
E-mail: sist@sist.si

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