Членство: Корреспондентский орган

The functions of DNPQM are to

  • Define and establish national policies regarding standardization, certification, accreditation, quality promotion and metrology
  • establish and track annual work programs of standardization
  • provide standardization committees with information required for their work
  • ensure that key stakeholders are represented in standardization committees
  • launch draft standards adopted by standardization committees for public inquiries
  • present standards drafts to the Minister responsible for standardization to ensure their inclusion as Nigerois standards
  • publish approval orders of Nigerois standards in the Official Journal
  • code and edit the Nigerois standards and all normative document
  • exclusive selling of Nigerois standards and of normative standards and documents edited by foreign, regional or international organizations engaged in similar activities
  • oversee certification and inspection bodies
  • participate in regional and international standardization work
  • promote quality management in national corporations
  • promote metrology activities

DNPQM is a member of the West African Secretariat of Metrology (SOAMET) and of the Intra-Africa Metrology System (AFRIMETS).

Agence Nigérienne de Normalisation, de Métrologie et de Certification

Village de la Francophonie, BP : 917

Тел.: +227 20 32 42 54
E-mail: anmcniger2019@gmail.com

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