Членство: Корреспондентский орган

The Bureau of Standards Act No.14 of 2016 establishes the Vanuatu Bureau of Standards.  On the 16 August 2017 it was formally launched.  It is a statutory body under the Ministry of Tourism, Trade, Industry, Commerce and Ni-Vanuatu Business.


Building a stable, sustainable and prosperous nation through the development, implementation and maintenance of quality standards in goods to increase the market of Vanuatu’s value-added products.


Develop, increase and verify the quality of goods traded in an efficient and fair manner so as to reduce trade barriers and improve consumer welfare.

  1. To promote standardization in industry and commerce
  2. To act as a depository for all standards
  3. To prepare draft standards and to declare them as Vanuatu Standards
  4. To make arrangements or provide facilities for the examination and testing of commodities and any material or substance from which or with which they may be manufactured, produced, processed or treated and the manner of such manufacture, production, processing or treatment.
  5. To provide for the assessment of manufacturing, process or management systems and their certification.
  6. To provide for the examination, testing and calibration of instruments, appliances, apparatus and weights and measures, weighing and measuring instruments in relation to their accuracy.

Vanuatu Bureau of Standards

PO Box 6532
Port Vila

Тел.: +678 25978
E-mail: vbs@vanuatu.gov.vu