Телемедицина, электронные карты пациентов, мобильные фитнес-приложения и аналогичные программные решения несут огромный потенциал для улучшения благосостояния людей. Стандарты для IT-приложений, связанных со здравоохранением, улучшают интероперабельность данных, безопасность и удобство использования, способствуя улучшению ухода за пациентами и медицинским исследованиям.

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Electronic health records explained

Electronic health records can revolutionize healthcare for both patients and providers. By promoting collaboration between health professionals, they foster a patient-centred approach to healthcare delivery.

An easy guide to understanding healthcare data analytics

In this brave new world, virtually every person generates data. Like many industries, the healthcare sector is increasingly moving towards data as the foundation of its decision making.

Welcome to the world of telemedicine: Understanding the basics

Welcome to the exciting world of telemedicine – a digital approach to healthcare that combines the speed and reach of technology with the personalization and expertise of medical professionals.

Top standards

IEC 81001-5-1:2021
Health software and health IT systems safety, effectiveness and security
Part 5-1: Security

Activities in the product life cycle

IEC 62304:2006
Medical device software
Software life cycle processes
ISO/TR 80002-2:2017
Medical device software
Part 2: Validation of software for medical device quality systems