ISO/AWI 19888-1
Hydrogen Technologies — Aerial Vehicles — Part 1: Liquid Hydrogen Fuel Storage System
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ISO/AWI 19888-1
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Working draft
ISO/AWI 19888-1
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This project specifies the requirements for design, material, construction, manufacture, testing, and inspection of a refillable fuel system for liquid hydrogen used in the hydrogen- powered aerial vehicle, including manned and unmanned aerial vehicles. This work will consider an appropriate fuelling protocol that reflects conditions during the liquid hydrogen fuelling process. The suggested standard will specify test procedures and requirements for verifying performances of a safe fuel storage system mounted on liquid hydrogen powered aerial vehicles. This document considers the universal fueling protocols for liquid hydrogen such as the subcooled liquid hydrogen protocol as well as the normal (conventional) liquid hydrogen fueling protocol. It applies to all parts of permanently attached fuel storage system for aerial vehicles as installed, from the liquid hydrogen fuel tank to the fuel gas supply system (FGSS). In case of UAV, a detachable fuel storage system can be adopted. The following elements of liquid hydrogen fuel system for aerial vehicles are: - Liquid hydrogen fuel tank - Fuel Gas Supply System (including Heaters and/or Heat Exchanger) - Fuel Gauge Sensor Unit - Valves and Lines (or Pipes) The international standards to be developed through this project will be developed in close cooperation with relevant Task Groups of EuroCAE and SAE. We will harmonize the ISO standard with their standard documents under development (AS6679/ED-XXX; Liquid Hydrogen Storage for Aviation and AIR8466; Hydrogen Fueling of Aircraft, in both Gaseous and Liquid Form).

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