ISO/IEC CD 20071-20
Information technology — User interface component accessibility — Part 20: Developing audiovisual content
Reference number
ISO/IEC CD 20071-20
Версия 1
Committee Draft
ISO/IEC CD 20071-20
Проект данного международного стандарта рассматривается комитетом.


This document provides requirements and recommendations on the development of accessible audiovisual content. It requires and recommends a variety of different accessibility components, dealt with in further detail in additional parts of the ISO 20071 series, that meet different user accessibility needs. It also provides guidance related to translations, localizations, timing, importance, and other general aspects of the creation of these accessibility components. This document does not apply to the presentation devices or transmission mechanisms used to deliver audiovisual content. These devices could include, but are not limited to: televisions, computers, wireless devices, projection equipment, DVD and home cinema equipment, video game consoles, or any similar devices which use displays for visual presentation and other forms of user interfaces technology. This document does not apply to transcoding files and formats for the various video outputs. This document helps to improve accessibility. This document does not establish requirements on specific industries (e.g. television broadcasting, motion pictures) nor is it intended to supersede specific international standards within their domain.

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