ISO/CD 18563-2
ISO/CD 18563-2


ISO 18563-2:2017 specifies the characterization tests performed at the end of the fabrication of a phased array probe. It defines both methodology and acceptance criteria.

ISO 18563-2:2017 is applicable to the following phased array probes used for ultrasonic non-destructive testing in contact technique (with or without a wedge) or in immersion technique, with centre frequencies in the range 0,5 MHz to 10 MHz:

a) non-matrix array probes:

  • - linear;
  • - encircling;
  • - partial annular sectorial (type "daisy");

b) 2D-matrix array probes.

ISO 18563-2:2017 does not give methods and acceptance criteria to characterize the performance of an ultrasonic phased array instrument or the performance of a combined system. These are given in ISO 18563?1 and in ISO 18563?3.

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  •  : ISO/TC 135/SC 3 Ultrasonic testing
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    19.100 Non-destructive testing

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